Ep8: Cody Barbo (Industry) San Diego State University Grad Transforming the Service and Hospitality Industry

Authenticity. Teamwork. User/Customer Focus. That’s what Cody Barbo and his Industry co-founders have done to disrupt the networking and hiring process for the service and hospitality industry. Recently raising a $2.3M Seed round will help Industry scale.

Also, Cody Barbo is an elevator pitch extraordinaire and a  graduate of the San Diego State University Entrepreneurship program. He is working hard to transform the service and hospitality industry with his company, aptly named “Industry.”

Ep5: Tim Rout (Dyno Ventures) From Successful Entrepreneur to Angel Investor

Sound familiar? Successful serial telecom entrepreneur with an exit becomes angel investor and mentor? More of these please!

Tim Rout is the CEO and Founder of Dyno Ventures, which is dedicated to using innovative wireless technologies to bring affordable Internet to the world’s underserved rural areas. He is also on the Board of Directors of Tech Coast Angels – San Diego and Chair of the HiTech Screening Committee. Previously, Tim founded Endeka Group, a telecommunications firm that he sold to Boingo Wireless in 2013. However, Tim Rout is best known for organizing San Diego’s Startup Founders Social Club, which is a drinking club, really. All tech startup founders are invited to both attend and organize happy hours.

Ep3: Eugene Cho (Echo Laboratories) The Revolutionary Microscope

How did Eugene Cho, CEO of Echo Laboratories, raise $2 million in 45 days through the Tech Coast Angels?

Eugene Cho is the CEO and founder of Echo Laboratories, which designs, develops, and sells microscopes. Their cornerstone product, the Revolve, combines the functionality of both Upright and Inverted microscopes. Eugene has 15 years of expertise in the microscope industry, working at both Nikon and Vala Sciences. Echo Laboratories also recently won Quick Pitch 2016, and raised $2M from the Tech Coast Angels in 45 days.