Ep20: Carlos McCray (The DOJO Cafe) – “Sometimes you have to break it down to build it back up!” // community engagement via social enterprise

This week we’re taking a journey away from the glass and steel boxes that house San Diego’s tech founders, investors, and supporters and going deep into a racially diverse and underserved community in City Heights. Our tour guide is social entrepreneur and community beacon, Carlos McCray.

Carlos McCray is Co-Founder & CEO of The DOJO, a more-than-coffee spot where young people and underserved communities can go to express themselves, improve themselves, and buy culturally reflective drinks, food, and fresh DOJO apparel that they can call their own. Even more awesome, they will do this with a 85% solar powered vintage travel trailer completely retrofitted as a Coffee Trailer! Prior to The DOJO, he created The Fresh, a mobile food truck that serves hot meals to homeless while accepting CalFresh. The Fresh continues to run and is making profit, and two more have launched serving the aging population. In order to pursue The DOJO, Carlos currently teaches Social Work at Cuyamaca Community College part-time.

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