Ep18: Nick Venti/Brian Karscig (BLKBOX)–Touring w/The Killers, Louis XIV, Republic of Letters…Now…Music Made Social via App

Brian Karscig was signed to a record deal by Sony Music right out of SDSU and his song ‘Finding Out True Love Is Blind’ from Louis XIV was covered in concert by The Killers with Brian on guitar. Nick Venti’s debut album, “Painted Hour”, by his group The Republic of Letters was described in a review as “pretty much as perfect as a debut album can be”. #MusicUniversalLanguage

Brian and Nick are also cofounders of BLKBOX, an app that connects life’s moments through a combination of music, photo, and video. Imagine the Instagram of music. Music fans have infinite possibilities with music streaming but no social media platform dedicated to music. Brian is a touring musician, record producer and mixer for the last 16 years with bands LOUIS XIV, The Nervous Wreckords, and also The Killers. Nick is a songwriter and singer for Nicky Venus and also the drummer and manager for Republic of Letters.


Ep17: Sabrina Martucci Johnson (DARÉ Bioscience) – Paving the Future of Women’s Healthcare

Women’s Reproductive Health Innovation does not make headlines. WHY NOT? The global market for contraception was over $19 billion in 2015. IT’S COMPLICATED. Sabrina Martucci Johnson, CEO & Founder of DARÉ Bioscience, pulls back the cover and explains why and what her healthcare company is doing about it. Hint: Perhaps it’s because contraception is believed to be a 3rd world problem. Or perhaps there’s not enough women with investment authority at VC funds.

Sabrina Martucci Johnson is a life sciences executive with a record of achievement in capital formation, business development, and commercial leadership. Sabrina’s unique background spans finance, global marketing, product development and bench research. Sabrina is committed to advancing innovations in women’s health. In 2015 she founded DARÉ Bioscience to bring novel technologies that clearly address unmet needs to the clinic so that the latest concepts in women’s health make it to market.

Ep16: Adam Arthur (inBrain LLC) – Startup Burnout…Failure…Litigation…Exit…and Book Deal?

Startup Failure. Founder Burnout. Litigation. These are difficult topics. Adam Arthur was bluntly open and so real with us on this episode of Startup Talk with Millard & Andrew Moss. Our podcast is generally light-hearted, but this episode shines a light on one entrepreneur’s negative startup experience. It isn’t a pity party and Adam is not terminally bitter. On the contrary, Adam currently mentors entrepreneurs, is writing a book on his experiences, and is the s/w development track co-captain for San Diego Startup Week in June.

Adam Arthur is founder of Revive Self Checkout, a new wave of vending machines that provides the solution to the vending location that wants a wider selection of items that just would not vend well out of a traditional vending machine. Not only the founder, Adam also coded and bootstrapped for the company for almost 3 years! Prior to his time at Revive Self Checkout, Adam was the president of Revolution Vending, which he sold in 2014. Adam is currently writing a book, “How Not To Run A Business,” giving entrepreneurs advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of running a startup.