Ep10: Ashok Kamal (Tech Coast Angels) From Indie Hip-Hop Label Founder To Angel Investor Group Director (That’s Tight AF!)

As co-founder of hip-hop label, Raptivism Records, in the late 1990’s, Ashok Kamal’s first album “No More Prisons” provided insight, reflection, and socio-political commentary on the national prison system. He went on the start other businesses dealing with social issues. Today, he is Executive Director of Tech Coast Angels – San Diego.

Ashok Kamal is Executive Director of Tech Coast Angels – San Diego. As an entrepreneur, Ashok founded Raptivism Records, a hip hop label and also Green Business Bureau, an online green business certification program for small and medium-sized businesses. As an angel, Ashok has invested in 3 companies, including Outsite, which is a network of co-living & co-working properties in beautiful places. Ashok’s latest venture, the School of Rap, is a platform to empower youth through creative freestyle. In his spare time he loves learning to surf, discovering weird vegetarian food and playing fantasy baseball.

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