Ep11: Dr. Mona Kiani (BlackDot Education) The Future of Education is….Entrepreneurship?

Dr. Mona Kiani is a math teacher. BORED YET? Her kids at Preuss School UCSD are 100% low-income & will be 1st in their families to go to college. Troubled school, right? Preuss is ranked 54 out of 22,000 U.S. High Schools. She created the Pitch Competition to teach math principles via entrepreneurship. Dr. Kiani is #FIERCE.

Dr. Mona Kiani is a teacher of mathematics at the Preuss school, with multiple stops teaching along the way that includes teaching in Chile. Dr. Kiani started The Pitch Competition, a project where students create their own startup companies and pitch to a board of potential investors.

Ep10: Ashok Kamal (Tech Coast Angels) From Indie Hip-Hop Label Founder To Angel Investor Group Director (That’s Tight AF!)

As co-founder of hip-hop label, Raptivism Records, in the late 1990’s, Ashok Kamal’s first album “No More Prisons” provided insight, reflection, and socio-political commentary on the national prison system. He went on the start other businesses dealing with social issues. Today, he is Executive Director of Tech Coast Angels – San Diego.

Ashok Kamal is Executive Director of Tech Coast Angels – San Diego. As an entrepreneur, Ashok founded Raptivism Records, a hip hop label and also Green Business Bureau, an online green business certification program for small and medium-sized businesses. As an angel, Ashok has invested in 3 companies, including Outsite, which is a network of co-living & co-working properties in beautiful places. Ashok’s latest venture, the School of Rap, is a platform to empower youth through creative freestyle. In his spare time he loves learning to surf, discovering weird vegetarian food and playing fantasy baseball.

Ep9: Amy Vavrunek (Jule Golf Couture) Startup Convener & Investor MVP

Amy Vavrunek KILLED IT as 2016 Chair of the John G. Watson Quick Pitch presented by the San Diego Tech Coast Angels, breaking records on attendance, media coverage, and cash prizes awarded to the winning entrepreneurs.

Amy Vavrunek is both a serial entrepreneur and investor. Currently, Amy is the Founder & CEO of Jule Golf Couture, President of Artemis Agency, and a Board Director and VP of Marketing & PR at Tech Coast Angels – San Diego. She also killed it as Chair of Quick Pitch 2016, breaking records on attendance, media coverage, and cash prizes awarded to the winning entrepreneurs.

Ep8: Cody Barbo (Industry) San Diego State University Grad Transforming the Service and Hospitality Industry

Authenticity. Teamwork. User/Customer Focus. That’s what Cody Barbo and his Industry co-founders have done to disrupt the networking and hiring process for the service and hospitality industry. Recently raising a $2.3M Seed round will help Industry scale.

Also, Cody Barbo is an elevator pitch extraordinaire and a  graduate of the San Diego State University Entrepreneurship program. He is working hard to transform the service and hospitality industry with his company, aptly named “Industry.”