Ep7: Dean Rosenberg (Venture SD) Started 3 companies, which one exited? Co.X (VC $32M), Co.Y (Angel $4M), or Co.Z (Self-Funded $0.25M)?

Decades before Dean’s venture was acquired by a public company in 2014,  he was a scrappy 2nd yr comp sci major at UCSD. He saw a posting on the job board, asking for students with experience. He applied, saying that he was a programming  expert, would take the job at a fixed price, and would not take any payment until he delivered the code.  After signing that first contract, he went and bought a book to learn how to be an expert for that project!!

Dean Rosenberg is CEO of Venture San Diego and on the Board of Tech Coast Angels – San Diego. Previously, Dean was the founder/CEO of AIRSIS, Inc. whose core offering is PortVision, a global ship tracking service with over 2,000 users including federal and state agencies and every major oil company. AIRSIS was acquired in 2014 by Oceaneering International, that’s OII on the NYSE. As CEO of AIRSIS, Dean also raised $2M, over two rounds of funding, led by TCA.


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