Ep3: Eugene Cho (Echo Laboratories) The Revolutionary Microscope

How did Eugene Cho, CEO of Echo Laboratories, raise $2 million in 45 days through the Tech Coast Angels?

Eugene Cho is the CEO and founder of Echo Laboratories, which designs, develops, and sells microscopes. Their cornerstone product, the Revolve, combines the functionality of both Upright and Inverted microscopes. Eugene has 15 years of expertise in the microscope industry, working at both Nikon and Vala Sciences. Echo Laboratories also recently won Quick Pitch 2016, and raised $2M from the Tech Coast Angels in 45 days.



Ep2: Mindy Nguyen (Hologic) & Michele Maley (ScoreStream)

How do a former Shark Tank analyst for Barbara Corcoran at Columbia Business School and an EvoNexus Alum leverage their experiences for the benefit of the San Diego startup ecosystem?

Melinda (Mindy) Nguyen is Senior Manager, Business Analytics & Insights at Hologic, which is a large-cap life sciences company. She is also a Volunteer Analyst at Tech Coast Angels – San Diego. Fun fact: while at Columbia Business School, Mindy evaluated companies for potential investment by Barbara Corcoran for ABC’s Shark Tank. Previously, Mindy worked at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals and Merrill Lynch equity research and has experience across varied areas of the pharmaceutical industry including investment valuation, company strategy & analytics, product management, & marketing.

Michele (Yoshioka) Maley is an Account Manager at ScoreStream, which is a communication platform that allows fans to share information around sporting events with their family and friends. She is also a Volunteer Analyst at Tech Coast Angels – San Diego. Michele was previously Director of Programs & Operations at EvoNexus, which is San Diego’s premier technology incubator.



Ep1: Welcome to Startup Talk with Millard & Andrew

The goal of launching Startup Talk with Millard & Andrew is to give a voice to the countless founders, angel investors, incubators, supporters, and startup events located in San Diego; and to map the ever-changing ecosystem comprising our fragmented San Diego startup scene.